Krauthammer Says Trump Should Do THIS With The UN Building – Do You Agree? (Video)

1 год ago
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On the Monday broadcast of Fox News’s  “Special Report,” Charles Krauthammer had some very pointed words on the topic of the United Nations’ building in New York.

According to Krauthammer, the U.N. headquarters should be turned into condos by President-Elect Trump. In the video, Krauthammer’s relevant remarks on the issue begin at the 7:30 mark.


“We’re paying an organization that spends half its time — more than half its time and energy and resources and bureaucracy trying to attack the only Jewish state on the planet, a tiny little spec, while genocide, mayhem, murder, terrorism is going on all over the world,” Krauthammer said.

That was an excellent point by Krauthammer, but he made a couple more as well: “Imagine if [the] headquarters were in Zimbabwe. The amount of weight and coverage it would get would be zero.”

For Krauthammer, the U.N. is an organization that only “exacerbates tensions” and fails to “assuage them.” He believes this organization has continually overstepped its bounds and is no longer useful to the original message they had when they were formed after World War II.

Considering how misplaced their priorities are, there are many people who would agree with Krauthammer that it is time to scrap the organization. However, I think we should start fresh.

A new organization is needed that will be devoted to spreading democracy throughout the world.

This new organization should be focused on defeating terrorism wherever it might be found. That would actually do some good. And, obviously, this organization would be pro-Israel!

Why not just overhaul the U.N., you ask? While that is a noble idea, there is one small problem with it: It wouldn’t work because the organization has long been infiltrated by dangerous globalists who believe that anyone should be able to come and go as they please without any security checkpoints. Let’s just make some future 9/11 terrorists’ jobs that much easier, shall we?

Even if no one wants to make the new organization I propose, I still think we need to drain the swamp that is the UN. The condo idea is great– and who better than our President-Elect to get that job done?

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