Ivanka Trump Reveals 1 BIG Move Her Dad Will Make If He Wins (Christians Will LOVE It!)

1 год ago
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Ivanka Trump Shows 1 LARGE Move Her Father Will Make If He Wins (Christians Will LOVE It!)

Donald Trump has presented his desire to be a winner for many oft-overlooked individuals in this nation now. Veterans in particular have already been thrilled this guy determined to run for president. If he’s elected Christians may also take heart relating to this guy’s policies.

Ivanka Trump disclosed that her father intends to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem “100 percent” during his management. Ivanka said she’s happy with her dad for being an “amazing victor” for the state of Israel and talked before The Sul of Bal Harbour.

The Jewish vote in Florida could readily help him win the election, and represents an important voting block for Donald Trump.

“I so respect the fact that he supported me from day one,” she said. “There was no question, there was no argument. He was very supportive.”

Nevertheless, Clinton is by 43 percentage points among Jewish voters ahead of him. If he can make inroads the state and the election could swing in his favor.

Presidents Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama have all rejected the invitation, citing security problems.

Donald Trump said he’d go there without any question and made the promise calling Jerusalem the “endless city”. His choice makes a point that is telling.


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