If You Hate Trump, Gene Simmons Has 5 Simple Words For You (Video)

1 год ago
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Whether you supported Trump or Hillary, the election is over and now we need to get down to business. 

Gene Simmons told everyone still looking for a safe space over the election of Trump, “Just give it a rest.” He continued on with some pointed remarks about terrorism, making the point the terrorists don’t care about Republicans or Democrats, they just want to kill Americans.

The issue of terrorist ideology is something that cuts to the core of who we are as Americans. All we have to do is analyze the actions of terrorists to see that they lump all of us together.

On 9/11, when those planes were flown into the Twin Towers and one was plunged into the Pentagon, the terrorists did not delineate between Republicans and Democrats.

If these terrorists just hated Republicans, then they could have flown a plane into the RNC headquarters when it was in session, but they didn’t. On 9/11, thousands of conservatives, liberals, straight people, gay people, and everyone in between perished. The one common denominator was that they were Americans.

During the recent attack at Ohio State, the terrorist did not target individuals he knew were conservatives or whom he felt were discriminating against him. He just attacked the closest Americans.

Interestingly enough, Gene Simmons also had some positive things to say about Donald Trump during his interview on Fox and Friends. He said Trump was a good father who didn’t do drugs or booze and didn’t do anything crazy. He is a good leader in his own family for starters.

Simmons told people that it was time to “give it a rest” and “get on with their lives.” He acknowledged just how upset some people were about Trump’s victory, but Simmons indicated that it was time to simply respect the will of the people and support the individual who was elected.

Folks, we needed a president who wasn’t going to be soft on terrorism. The liberal snowflakes can cry foul all they want and decry it as “Islamophobia,” but the shootings at Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando were all committed by radicalized Muslim individuals.

It’s time for us to get tough, and it’s time for us to support our next president.

So the next time you are rocking out to KISS’s latest tour, remember the front man is going to support his president. If he can do it, so can you. You owe it to your country in order to keep it safe.

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