Hundreds of thousands of Americans demanded an end Soros impact on US elections

1 год ago
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Nearly 130,000 Americans signed a petition demanding the US Congress to stop the impact of legislation by George Soros on the outcome of the presidential election

Hundreds of thousands of Americans, tired of the inaction of the authorities, have signed a petition to protect US policy from the influence of George Soros. The document requires American citizens to Congress gathered for an emergency meeting and found the opportunity to deny any possibility of Soros affect the outcome of the US presidential election.
The final straw that brought the people of America itself, was the information that the owner of the voting machines, Lord Malloch-Brown is in close partnerships with global swindler and speculator George Soros. Media proved that voting machines in the same Texas gave a decision in favor of Trump Hillary Clinton.

This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that Soros himself has spoken in support of Hillary Clinton. Well-known financier of “color revolutions” is doing everything possible to prevent the power to Donald Trump, who has repeatedly stated that in case of victory will stop the policy of “planting democracy” to other countries.
While the official response to the petition has been received.

Recall, today in the US started the US presidential election. According to recent data it is known that the inhabitants of the city with a fourfold advantage Millsfild awarded the victory of the Republican candidate Donald Trump. At midnight in New Hampshire polls first opened. While counting is piece.


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