Hollywood Launches Second NASTY Attack Against Barron Trump – This One is Even WORSE

1 год ago
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The fact that liberals are taking it upon themselves to attack Barron Trump is not only disgusting, it’s also disturbing. From Rosie O’Donnell to this guy, it’s getting worse.

Steven Spinola, a comedian, thought it would be “funny” to call Barron Trump a future date rapist. This is something that is never okay to say.

That is the equivalent of someone calling Obama’s daughters future prostitutes — it’s offensive, and anyone would have been blasted for it immediately by liberals and everyone else in the world.

Not only is this tweet by Spinola offensive against Barron Trump — it’s offensive to women who have been victims of date rape. It’s not something you should ever joke about and nothing you should accuse a CHILD of being.

First, this innocent kid was labeled autistic, and now they’re labeling him a future rapist. Why do liberals feel the need to tear down a little kid? I never heard a single ugly thing about Obama’s daughters — most people praised them for being “angels” and so forth.

Spinola has since taken to Twitter with his panties in a twist because of the negative responses he has gotten for his tweet. He’s acting like a victim who is being attacked for no reason when, in reality, he’s the one who attacked someone for no reason.

Barron Trump does not deserve the condemnation of liberals. He has nothing to do with his father becoming the president of the United States — he’s too young to vote, and he and his mother have a very private life, considering Donald Trump’s fame before and after the election.

Liberals have been all too quick to criticize Melania and Barron, making nothing but heinous and offensive assumptions. They call Melania a “gold digger” without saying a word about her successful modelling career, her degree in architecture, and her business ventures with her own jewelry lines.

Spinola is trying to defend himself, claiming he also called the Barron “handsome” as if that makes any bit of difference. That’s like rubbing antiseptic on someone after stabbing them — they’re going to remember the stab, not the antiseptic!

This guy truly is pathetic. I do not condone the alleged death threats against him and his family, but he should not make horrible statements against innocent children. It’s uncalled for and just plain wrong.

You have to be a low person to insult a child. Although he claims to be a “comedian,” he doesn’t seem very funny to me. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if, in addition to making horrible “jokes” about children, he also kicks dogs. I wouldn’t put it past this lowlife!

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