‘Hillary For Jail’ Ad Has Libs FURIOUS, It’s the Best 3 Minutes of Your Day! (Video)

1 год ago
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Poll after poll has shown us that Hillary Clinton is not trusted by the American people. An uproarious new video that is YouTube shows why.
She contradicts herself right and left!

Clinton said that marriage is a holy bond between a man and girl and stood on the Senate floor.

It’s one thing to say you’ve altered your mind, but it’s another to totally deny that you simply had your view that is old!

Additionally, the video gets Hillary Clinton flat out lying about her encounter in a foreign country. A trip was taken by her while she was the first lady. Clinton remembers that her daughter Chelsea and she arrived in Bosnia and got from their airplane to sniper fire. She says they ran to enter a vehicle for cover.

Nevertheless, it seems that never occurred. There was an intricate ritual that is greeting that CBS News caught and attended on camera.

The most upsetting part of the lie is that it doesn’t look to further her political interests. She was only lying for the benefit of it! This shows Hillary is simply a pathological liar.

Why else does end up plead the fifth amendment? The new FBI investigation will result in a perjury charge against Clinton.


In these closing weeks of the election, the Clinton campaign is attempting to divert voters for not releasing his tax returns by pouncing.


Source: Angrypatriot

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