Highway 265: The SHOCKING Story Hillary Doesn’t Want You To Know!

1 год ago
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Famed Hollywood Actor James Woods, a conservative, only shared a video about Highway and Arkansas 265.

Two thugs raped her repeatedly and enticed her into an automobile, and she was left in a coma.

The lawyer for among the two thugs was: Hillary Clinton.

Shelton, due to the strike, is not able to have kids. It’s clear that his guilt was proven by the mix of Taylor’s semen with the casualty’s blood in his panties. By assaulting the girl’s character but Hillary defended her client.

Hillary Clinton went out to keep evidence from the court, pushed the 12-year old girl to many evaluations, and accused her of fantasizing her rape with mature guys in hopes of losing her virginity.

Shelton has a strong message for Hillary Clinton, by the end of the video:

You lied about me. I was taken by you through Hell.”
Hillary Clinton went beyond the legal defense that was normal because of this rapist. Hillary after laughed about it, and set Shelton through nightmare.

Hillary Clinton is a sick, soulless creature who understands the best way to control the legal system.

Hillary Clinton does not have any shame, and she doesn’t need one to view this video that is damning.

Please share it with friends and family on Twitter and Facebook! The election is coming up shortly, and before it late we must stop Hillary.

Source: Political insider


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