Here’s the HILARIOUS Difference Between Obama And Putin! Trump Fans Love It!

1 год ago
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There are a lot of differences between Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, and our current President, Barack Obama. And here is a hilarious comic that sums them all up.

As the comic shows, Putin is a fearless, unrelenting, leader who is professional and impressive. And Obama is well…. not.

Obama has been known to be a pushover about everything, from the security of our borders to the safety of our American people.

Putin cares about every single person in his massive Slavic country and always strives to put his people first and foremost. This is something that Obama has never done in the whole eight years that he has been our President.

When Putin meets with leaders, he is respectful but keeps to his own culture. He does not try to impress them with practicing another countries culture, he is Russian and proud and will bow to no one. Obama tries to wow them with bowing, a sign of respect in Asian cultures.

Obama doesn’t seem to realize that he is a leader on the same level as others, generally the American president is expected to be a leader among leaders. To bow so low to another country denotes that you are inferior. And a leader should never do that.

A handshake and a head bob would be appropriate. The comparison to Putin is embarrassing, the Russian leader nails it. Obama might as well be offering his hindquarters to the other leaders of the world.

The pictures of Putin show the discipline in which he lives by, what he asks of his country, and the way he leads by example. Obama seems to be flighty and a bit silly in comparison, but really, it’s hard to measure up to a man like Putin. For one, you have to actually be one.

Obama and Putin has never really had close ties and the Democrats have always been suspicious of the Russians. During the election, Hillary Clinton was basically shouting war cries against the country, and now claims that they influenced the election.

But despite the hate of the liberals, President-elect Donald Trump is moving forward with his alliance with Russia. This is something that can only be good for both countries, especially since we now have a leader that will both work with other countries but also put the needs of Americans above those of others.

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Originally appeared at  Angrypatriotmovement


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