Here’s a Clip of John Wayne That Liberal Hollywood Would Ban Today (Video)

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John Wayne and a host of his movie pals hosted a variety show special, Swing out, Sweet Land, 45 years ago. If the acting legend were still alive and aired the same historically accurate and patriotic show today, liberals would roam the streets in protest and hurl a long list of nasty insults at the Duke.

Hollywood was once apparently not ruled by liberals but by stars who respected America and respected patriotism. The simple and accurate words used to detail the birth and growth of the greatest nation on the planet would be deemed racist, isolationist, and a flurry of other progressive buzzwords so frequently used to describe conservatives.

The Swing out, Sweet Land television special was created by the Hollywood stars in response to the mounting protests against the Vietnam War and the brave young men sent into battle. The show has been renamed John Wayne’s Tribute to America in its Amazon listing.

In the television special, John Wayne leads the group of stars and the audience through the key moments in American history. During the course of the show, he interviewed actors and actresses who portrayed notable historic figures, such as George Washington, Frederick Douglas, and Mark Twain.

John Wayne’s variety show special recreated many significant moments in our nation’s history. The Manhattan purchase from the Indians by Peter Minuit would be just one of the many segments of the show liberals would be creating rhyming chants about to shout during their street protests.

The show also included a scene where the Founding Fathers, or “domestic terrorists” as some liberals want them referred to in school textbooks, discussed how to found a nation based upon freedom and self-rule.

The cast gathers together to sing “God Bless America” during the show. Atheists and the ACLU might object to that scene – they tend to believe the Constitution promises freedom “from” religion rather than freedom of religion.

Some of the Hollywood stars who joined John Wayne on stage included Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Johnny Cash, Bing Crosby, Lorne Greene, Cathy Baker, Glen Campbell, and Dean Martin.

The showed aired in 1971. It earned one prime time Emmy award and was nominated for a second. A whole lot has changed in America since the Duke passed away. Far too much in many respects.

“Tomorrow, remember, ‘This is my country, and I’m going to do good for it,’” John Wayne said when urging the audience to put the thought into action on a daily basis. “Just might work. We’ll never know unless we give it a fair try.”

Thank you for your constant support of the United States Military and respect for America. R.I.P Big Duke!

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