Guess Who Could REPLACE Megyn Kelly on Fox News?

1 год ago
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Megyn Kelly’s seat at Fox News will not be vacant for long. Former network star Greta Van Susteren issued a bold suggestion for Kelly’s replacement.

Kimberly Guilfoyle could be replacing Megyn Kelly at Fox News. Insider media sources have stated The Five co-host is actively lobbying for the position.

Like Kelly, Guilfoyle is a licensed attorney. She is more than capable of covering hard-hitting political news and cross-examining guests as she proved when filling in for Greta Van Susteren in the past.

Guilfoyle joined the Fox News team in 2006. She was the host of a one-hour crime-based program, The Lineup.

Kim’s first show on the cable news giant covered high-profile crime cases, politics, and breaking news. Guilfoyle has a reputation for being both fair and thorough. This is perhaps why she endeared herself to Van Susteren, who is a true old-fashioned journalist.

Guilfoyle has also held her own with Bill O’Reilly when regularly appearing on his number one rated prime time news show. Kimberly is both personable and professional, which has made her a favorite among both male and female Fox News viewers.

Before joining Fox News and The Five, Kimberly Guilfoyle worked as a legal analyst for ABC News. She was routinely featured on Good Morning America during her tenure at the network. Guilfoyle was also a contributor to CNN. She appeared on both Anderson Cooper 360 and Larry King Live before being hired by Fox News.

Kimberly was born in San Francisco to an Irish father and a Puerto Rican mother. Her mother died when Guilfoyle was a young girl, leaving her and her brother to be raised by their father alone.

Guilfoyle has been married and divorced twice. She and her second husband, Eric Villency, the CEO of Villency Design Group, have one son together.

Kimberly Guilfoyle would be a welcome change from Megyn Kelly. The exiting anchor’s bizarre and frequent hairdo changes and inappropriate outfits were garnering more attention as of late than the substance of her show, which was growing increasingly and annoyingly anti-Trump, distracting from the purpose of her show — reporting the news.

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