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Transnational elite defeated

Donald Trump – the newly elected US President. With the victory of the Republican candidate, congratulated his main rival – Hillary Clinton. This means that behind it the transnational elite failed.

Won the election of Hillary Clinton in the United States, would have won globalism, multinational corporations and lobby behind the scenes financiers.

The election for president, Hillary Clinton meant the collapse of hopes for sustainable development in the future and pushed the country to the threshold of this civil war. Too many true American patriots did not want to admit the Clintons in the White House – and so they have already spent enough time there to show themselves and their unsuitability to serve both the interests of America, and the overall stability of the world.

Victory would have won George Soros, his partners, associates and protégés. Despite the hundreds of thousands of votes on a petition against the influence of the presidential election of Lord British, who came from Soros structures and owner of the company Smartmatic, supply and service machines for voting, no measures were taken.

many cases where the election machinery tried to count the votes for Hillary Clinton Trump was recorded on the elections themselves. No car Soros for some reason did not dare to vote for a Republican. However, thank God, these tricks Soros and Bill Clinton did not help.


The economic downturn

One of the main pre-election theses Trump was a call for the reduction of costs and the real economy while maintaining social commitment, stimulate industry. He drew attention to the enormous US debt at 19 trillion dollars (which, after adoption of the new draft budget has actually exceeded 21 trillion) and 800 billion annual trade deficit.

Hillary also tried to put a good face on a bad game. The populist migration support programs (including illegal), the development of Obamacare and attempts to inflate the already troubled field of higher education subsidies and restructuring of educational loans it planned to invest trillions of dollars, amounts in excess of the GDP of a number of far poorer countries.

In a situation where America itself reeling because of low oil prices and the financial crisis.

Nuclear war

The popular online resource Zerohedge believes that electing Hillary would lead to nuclear war. Moreover, in the author’s version of the American historian and political scientist Eric Suess, a duel to the warheads will be between the US and Russia, and will be the cause of Syria. The fact that Hillary is an aggressive supporter of the introduction of no-fly zone over the whole territory of Syria. That is, for the fact that the US missiles and fighters got the right to shoot down aircraft and missiles the Syrian army.

However, such a turn would hardly suit Russia, whose forces are in Syria at the official invitation of the authorities, in contrast to the US-led coalition troops. This is not Libya, where the introduction of no-fly zone under the same “humanitarian” pretexts allowed NATO forces to actually destroy the country. Vote for Clinton – the vote for a nuclear war against Russia, concludes his article Suess.

The explosion of political violence

In the US presidential race was held against the backdrop of an unprecedented surge in violence. Dallas, Baltimore and Ferguson has already become a household name in the new history of the country. Paradoxically, when the first black president Barack Obama impoverishment, marginalization and a general dissatisfaction with the colored population has reached such an extent that for the first time since the beginning of the 90 armed protest took to the streets.

The arbitrariness of the police, killing people just because of their skin color and vague suspicions and remain unpunished, even in the case of killing of children, overflowed the cup of national patience.

Now Trump opponents try to knock him slips Democrats. Not excluded the black riots and inspired by the same Soros antitrampovskoe attempts to organize the protest movement.

Trump will not go anywhere

US stand on the threshold of the “revolution from above”. Trump – the president, and the number of voters who gave their votes, “to make America great again,” he speaks for itself. Trump, whose participation in elections at first looked like an unusual way of entertainment successful person, perhaps even unexpectedly for itself became the new pole of American politics.

These elections demonstrated the important thing – the ideological struggle has ceased to be a political show for the first time in decades was considered seriously. Trump is now – “the president of a healthy person,” a true American hero, symbolizing the whole country, tired of the globalist oppression, the national spirit.


Originally appeared at: Tsargrad

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