From CNN to the scandal kicked employee-agent Clinton

1 год ago
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The reason was the correspondence published by WikiLeaks Democrats, from which it became clear that the political analyst Donna Brasil reported to superiors behind contender for the US presidency of the possible questions of TV, so she had time to prepare for them

Publication of the portal WikiLeaks correspondence Democrats already forced to leave the former head of the US Democratic Party National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and now left his post its successor Donna Brasil. However, it is not gone from the Democrats, and from the former duty station – CNN TV channel.
Having obtained from hackers and published on the Internet correspondence Democrats on the relationship with Brazil Democrats, known TV channel’s management decided to cease all relations with her. It turned out the girl periodically “merge” the headquarters of the necessary information about Clinton, for example, preparing to broadcast matters, that assistants could prepare a Democrat to the answers to them.

Secret information it provided John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri, and on TV wondering how she did it because she, as a political analyst, simply did not have access to it.
“We have experienced tremendous inconvenience after they learned about her links with the Clinton campaign at a time when she was a CNN employee,” – said the representative of the channel Lauren Pratapas.

Earlier, Wikileaks Google explained the role of leadership in the Clinton election campaign.


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