Fox Reporter Makes Shocking Hillary Indictment Prediction, Media STUNNED

1 год ago
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James Comey has opened a new investigation against Hillary Clinton, but judging by her behavior, this fact means little To her. Clinton counts on the unconditional victory and believes that it can do nothing to stop. All her attention is focused on the imminent seizure of power. On this occasion, the famous Fox Repotёr made a new forecast, which should alert all supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Chris Wallace said that for the first time in its history, America may have the president, is to coordinate criminal charges. This fact can lead later to offer large and serious problems.

In public administration, there are moments that require an immediate response. It is vitally – important decisions that must take Commander to ensure the country’s security.

If the president will be Hillary Clinton, then it will certainly have to pay part of their time solving their own personal legal issues, and it will stop her carefully assess the military situation and make the right decisions. She may not be able to adequately respond to unexpected situations, “phone call at 3am.”

In addition, tensions with Russia remain very high. Hillary threat to establish a no-fly zone over Syria could lead to increased persecution and conflict. Careful diplomacy is needed, and one wrong move from scattered Commander-in-Chief could have disastrous consequences.

Although President Clinton will be distracted, it can also be unethical one. Clinton is extremely self-involved, with a heart of envy and malice. It is unpredictable and selfish, as the Emperor Nero.

Let’s be honest, Clinton does not care about the country. Yes, it takes care that the leader of the country, but not the United States itself. Perhaps Hillary should take an example from another leader who is facing a difficult choice.

During one particular speech, the man said that he wanted to continue his presidency. He said that his “family unanimously urged me.” He said that despite the fact that he wanted to fight for the “personal justification” could “absorb” many of the various issues faced by his country at the time.

This great leader decided to do the right thing. He resigned and handed over power to his vice president.

My fellow Americans, it was Richard Nixon. I quoted from his famous Watergate resignation speech. It was a selfless act, which was in the best interest of America. And no one can imagine, frankly, Hillary Clinton is doing the same victim.

She never resign from nothing. Most likely, it will have to pull out of the Oval office kicking and screaming. Hillary Clinton too selfish to do what is right, if it charged. It is for this reason that we need to wake up and vote for Donald Trump, before it is too late.


Source: Angrypatriot

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