Fox News Blows The Lid Off of Hillary’s Illegal Voting Scheme To The Entire Country (Video)

1 год ago
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Hillary Clinton will do whatever it takes to win another election. Including thumbing her nose at the American lifestyle.
This plan specifically targets illegal immigrants, motivating them to vote for Clinton. This really is not legal.

Certainly, she’ll be driving them to the surveys, right?
For Clinton, breaking the law and this law generally is nothing new.

The DNC also broken the law during its convention, which was one big hit occupation on Donald Trump. Two illegal immigrants paraded on stage so that you can make Trump look bad.

Sadly, Clinton might have the ability to win the election because she having the media effort to brainwash the people. Nevertheless, I guess Clinton will be damaged due to the firestorm from Wikileaks. The GOP will be always calling for her impeachment if she wins.

The important thing is that Clinton is anti American. And due to that, We the Folks’s bitterness hangs over her.

Rest assured, hold her in check for her mistreatment of American law and a lot of people will continue to sabotage Hillary Clinton. America has thrown .


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