Jesse Watters EXPOSES Fake News Stories ‘Dishonest Media’ Told About Trump

11 месяцев ago
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Patriots didn’t start the term “fake news,” but, boy, have we needed it for a long time. Jesse Watters knows the real source of fake news and exactly how damaging it has been.

One fake news story he mentioned was that trans youths “killed themselves” when Trump won through “hacked” voting machines in three states.

CNN disparaged Trump for calling them “fake news,” claiming it was the journalism equivalent of the “n word.” Really?

If you don’t want to be called fake, then try telling the truth. It’s as simple as that.

The same goes for the story about the “hacking” in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Because of this false claim, the American people had to deal with the Democrats running election recounts in these three red states.

Liberals didn’t even seem to care about the unethical nature of the recount because, as Watters says, “the damage had already been done, fake news like this significantly contributed to the perception among many Americans that Trump’s election was illegitimate.”

Of course, news sites like CNN and MSNBC didn’t say a single thing about the countless voting scandals that fell upon America at the hands of Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats. They wouldn’t want to make Clinton seem like a cheater.

The media’s disregard for the truth only encourages the division of the American people and is intended to manipulate the people into hating Donald Trump.

Watters mentions Politico, which claimed that Trump’s pick for secretary of treasury foreclosed on a little old woman’s house because of a few cents mistake, but it was also completely false. But when liberals hear that story, they think of Trump and his cabinet as heartless people.

It’s not about to stop either. The media are continuing to come up with lies about Donald Trump. I’m sure they are now hoping to convince people that he deserves to be impeached for whatever false crime they can come up with. These are the same people who can ignore and excuse Clinton’s breach of national security on a private server. Makes sense.

More Americans trust and support Trump than the media want to let on, and while his tweets may cause a lot of problems to some, it is heartening that our president goes directly to the people with his information so it’s not skewed by the media.

Here is a novel idea… if you want Trump to stop calling you fake news and want the American people to believe you, try reporting the news rather than making up the news or selectively editing it to suit your agenda.

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