Expert Goes On Live TV To Warn Americans About Hillary’s Massive Voter Fraud

1 год ago
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The mainstream media are cherrypicking on Donald Trump’s words to spin the significance of his statements they could ridicule, but what Trump is actually saying is dead on accurate and impossible when you examine the facts to deny. Donald Trump’s recent contention the election has been rigged to help his opponent, Hillary Clinton, is about as accurate a statement that’s ever been voiced.

They have been insisting that no voter fraud is occurring in significant enough amounts for this to matter while the mainstream media are ignoring that he’s, in part, talking about their prejudices.

Four million illegal votes would have been enough to alter the results of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

The heritage of dead voters that are “ ” continues to be a Democrat reality for generations. Although it’s no laughing matter they make jokes.

It seems Donald Trump, always under fire in the Clinton-aligned media, for insisting the vote is rigged for Hillary Clinton is being vindicated. It seems there are dead people voting throughout the state, not only in Chicago.

Adams took to Friends & FOX Tuesday to clarify there’s an important quantity of voter fraud possibility which will most probably be used by progressive Democrats in this election cycle.

It’s something this government doesn’t need to do anything about, and “Dead people are voting,” Adams said. “we’ve four million four million – that is – dead and ineligible voters on American voter rolls based on the Pew Charitable Trust… That’s too many, and it’s going to change the election.”

During his time in government, Adams worked on a project. This operation was tasked with cleaning the voters rolls up to purge them of deceased and ineligible voters.

On the other hand, the “Motor Voter” business was suddenly stopped after Barack Obama was elected president. Adams said they were ordered to cease bringing in because the Obama administration was opposed to it cases.

This functions as proof positive the Obama administration – and through coalitions and its activities with the Clinton campaign and progressives in general – sees nothing wrong with easing a path for voter fraud.

The system is rigged, and the election could be stolen from under us, unless we take to the polls to see because of this task.


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