Exclusive – Egyptian leaders support of Donald Trump and negative attitude towards Hillary Klinoton after meeting President El-Sisi with both candidates.

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New York, nYC — Hillary Clinton was blasted by members of the Egyptian delegation to the United Nations only day -Sisi and both Clinton and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump met. They also had high praise for Trump—and it’s an optimistic consequence for Trump’s first and only meeting thus far, while not an official sanction.
Egyptian officials expressed worry that the Clinton administration would continue to sabotage Egyptian attempts to dismantle Brotherhood terrorists trying to destabilize the elected Egyptian government and expressed indignation and frustration over the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ahmed Gad, an associate of the Egyptian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, told Breitbart News Tuesday

I believe Trump would be preferred by 90 percent of Egyptians because he is not going to work with terrorists. He [Trump] and Muslim Brothers is not going to join forces as you found two days ago in America and our primary problem in Egypt is terrorist attacks. So we understand perfectly that Muslim Brothers are a terrorist group we found it in Egypt on the control of Muslim Brothers, and we should develop our democratic regime.

Many members of the Egyptian delegation spoke with Breitbart News at an occasion only on the record to encourage unity and communication between America and Egypt on Tuesday.

The Egyptian delegation interviews came as Elsisi, in a interview with CNN, said that he’s “no doubt that Donald Trump would make a powerful leader. ElSisi also reacted to your clip of Hillary Clinton accusing to be “basically a military dictatorship,” during a discussion with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders the Egyptian government. He said, in part, that “in Egypt there is not going to be an opportunity for any dictatorship because in Egypt there’s a constitution, there’s law, and there’s the will of the individuals that will refuse to let any leader to remain in his place for any period more than his term that’s four years.”

The fact that El Sisi and those from the Egyptian delegation within Nyc this week would talk so openly and positively about Trump—and so and negatively about Clinton—may surprise some. They can be leaders that are Muslim and Egypt is possibly among the largest and longest-standing Muslim countries in world history. Many establishment media outlets have painted all Muslims on Trump’s relationship as hazardous, since he’s expressed plans to temporarily prohibit Islamic migration into America. But Elsisi, when asked about Trump’s planned Muslim prohibition during his CNN interview, defended Trump.

Really severe security measures are conducted by “The United States in general for everyone who wants to see with it, which has been for quite several years,” Elsisi, the first Muslim world leader told CNN. It ’s additionally vital that you understand many things are said and that many statements are made, yet after regulating the state would be something distinct. And will be subject to many variables.”

The Trump campaign said in a readout

He expressed great regard for the significant leadership role and Egypt’s history it’s played in the Middle East. Mr. Trump stressed to President elSisi his high esteem for peace loving Muslims and comprehends that every day there are people of goodwill that give their lives and fortunes to fight the growing menace of radical Islamic terrorism.

Clinton’s campaign described her meeting with Elsisi as being successful too. Based on a Clinton aide:

President Sisi and Secretary Clinton had a constructive conversation about cooperation and bilateral ties on a broad variety of problems, including counterterrorism. Additionally they discussed the significance of investment and economical development . Secretary Clinton stressed the need for respect to Egypt’s future improvement. Secretary Clinton discussed means to deepen counterterrorism co-operation, especially in the fight. President Sisi and she exchanged perspectives and Secretary Clinton underscored the need for the Egyptian co-operation with her dedication to getting the better of ISIS, and Israel on counterterrorism, to countering radicalization, and to addressing foreign combatants.

On the other hand, the Egyptian delegations’ statements that are specific to Breitbart News don’t show an optimistic consequences for Clinton’s assembly.

But certainly, based upon Elsisi’s interview with CNN and remarks the various members of the Egyptian delegation here made to Breitbart News, it’s Trump not Clinton whom the Egyptian leaders needs to win the election.

“The signals as dictatorship just isn’t dictatorship you take, Breitbart News was told by ” Fathy. Of El Sisi, Fathy included: “ we’re behind him and This is our president.”

“The Egyptian authorities Hillary has been already coped with by them we didn’t cope with Trump,” Fathy described about the assemblies between El Sisi and the American presidential nominees. “So, perhaps we understand now considerably more and better thought about Mr. Trump in special.”

He said:

Why? I don’t understand. They didn’t come by democracy, they weren’t the individuals who came out on the 25th of January. They weren’t, the youth were the individuals who came out. We’ve our own individuality, we’re not a theocratic state we’ve got never been a state that is theocratic. The American policy is constantly pushing and then you begin shouting when you’ve got a theocratic regime.

One consistent theme on the list of Egyptians who talked with Breitbart News was the deep suspicion of Hillary Clinton. Dr. Morgan said of Egyptian President Elsisi’s assemblies with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday:

President Elsisi needed to meet up with both nominees because he didn’t need to give Hillary an opportunity mistreat and to use an indirect sanction from a meeting with a President like Elsisi. As bad as she’s, she would go out into the media and say, ‘oh I ‘ve a good relationship with this guy, I understand foreign policy’ so he made sure that he’d meet Trump at the same time to ensure the America people doesn’t believe he supports Hillary. We understand because Hillary is another eight years of Obama he could not support Hillary and Obama has not been extremely good for Egypt.

On the list of representatives were two girls, a Coptic Christian, and a 31-yearold guy.

Among those girls, Sahar Talaat Moustafa, is the head of Civil Aviation Committee and the Tourism. When requested by Breitbart News Hillary Clinton is seen by the Egyptian people, she replied: “lots of folks in Egypt believe she’s in support of the Brotherhood. Truly, most folks believe thus.”

“I encourage one to come and see how things are happening in Egypt she said. “Everything is not so rough we’re walking generally in the roads and there’s absolutely no terrorism. Egypt’s is among the safest states to go

Gad said:

For us, it’s a crucial sign that we should restart our great relationships but as a political researcher, I will be talking in an identical time, honestly speaking, we’re really disappointed from Obama’s policy towards our nation. We suffered a lot because, incidentally, I will be a Coptic in Egypt. Some form of alliance between the Muslim Brothers, Obama Administration, and the American government. They are killing lots of Egyptians priests guys and soldiers and killed.
Gad said that Elsisi’s backdrop as a general shouldn’t be taken to mean he’s running a military dictatorship” that was “ as Hillary Clinton promised.

“Yes, El Sisi has a military background but Egypt was saved by him,” Gad said. “ the Egyptian individuality was restored by him.”

Why they appear to actually need Trump elected in America that’s.

Many of the American foreign policy specialists clarified a President Trump would have the power to alter the diplomatic class between both countries and that foreign policy is set by the American President.

“ That we have been prepared to work with anybody who can fight with the Muslim Brothers and honestly speaking, we’re fighting terrorism for the Modern World,” Gad said.

Source: Breitbart


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