Even CNN Is FED UP With Hillary’s Lies, HAMMERS Her On National TV For THIS

1 год ago
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CNN has had it with the dodging and side stepping of the Hillary Clinton campaign, you understand Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks e-mail disclosures experienced a tremendous impact on the presidential election. CNN failed to earn its nickname, ” for nothing, “Clinton News Network —it’s been shoving on a pro-Hillary story since day one with this race.

Before this week, CNN‘s Chris Cuomo got into a discussion that was tenacious Neera Tanden, with one of Hillary Clinton’s surrogates. The Center for American Progress president refused to discuss as well as affirm or refuse the dangerous and uncomfortable advice included in the string of John Podesta’s e-mails.

“Her inability to simply do a national interview and convey true feelings of sorrow and remorse is I worry, a year ago becoming a character issue,” Neera Tandem allegedly wrote in a e-mail about Hillary Clinton. The e-mail seemed to be referencing the Hillary private email server scandal that was on-going.

“You know, I understand that other forces and Russia would love us to have a discussion, Cuomo was told by ” Tanden. This is just what they need, they need us to have a discussion of the internal construction of Hillary’s effort—what’s not false, what’s not accurate.

Chris Cuomo wouldn’t permit the issue die. He appeared and pushed back hard against a Hillary Clinton surrogate, at least to have rediscovered what it really means to be a journalist.

If this e-mail were from [Trump campaign supervisor] Kellyanne Conway to [Citizens United president] Dave Bossie, you’d be giving me all your most profound ideas about it. Because it’s your e-mail.” you don’t enjoy it

A clearly agitated Neera Tanden differed and refused to comment on the e-mails that were hacked. You ’re ducking it!

That ’s not completely true. I really wouldn’t be doing that. It is possible to see in other places I’ve taken the exact same position where e-mails have already been used on every other problem.”

Donald Trump, unlike his career politician adversary, handled the problem head on.


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