EPIC Musical Takedown of Trump-Hating Millennials Goes Viral, Over 1 MILLION Watching

1 год ago
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Millennials are still crying over the loss of their failed candidate, Hillary Clinton. Now, an awesome video is putting them all to shame.

“Whining Hillary Fans Song,” by Dana Kamide, gives all those liberal whiners a little dose of reality…

Remember all those tears and when Hillary sent out Podesta to face the music instead of sticking with tradition and humility to appear before her supporters, admit defeat, and throw their support to the victor?

Millennial liberals are just completely detached from reality. First, we saw them rioting in the streets, as the video portrays, and then they were trying to blame the election on the Russians. This is typical millennial logic, assuming this must be someone else’s fault.

These are kids who live in their parents’ houses and go to liberal colleges, which fill their brains with garbage. They watch liberal shows like Stephen Colbert while they contemplate how they can engage in a war of social justice via Facebook comments.

How brainwashed do you have to be to cry over Hillary Clinton? She only makes me cry when I am laughing at the stupid things that come out of her mouth. You know, like when she tries to articulate her pathetic policies.

It is no wonder these liberal crybabies only care about “their” social issues and could care less about the economy and the cost of entitlements. They have never had real jobs or responsibilities in their lives and have never had to hand a large payment to the Feds in the form of taxes.

t is so ironic that the party claiming to speak for those of diverse viewpoints, claiming to appreciate tolerance, is totally emotionally devastated that the country will be run by someone they disagree with. They should have the maturity to realize that Americans chose their candidate and that the most important thing is to respect the will of the people.

Millennials just do not have the discipline of the generations who came before them. They have enjoyed a long time of peace and have not had to deal with any real crisis like World War II. This has made most of them unappreciative of the privileges they have. It also does not help that many of them have been brainwashed by the liberal media.

It is just pathetic that they are crying over such an awful person. Their love of Hillary Clinton is totally illogical and only based only on emotion. They wanted her to be elected because they felt a woman deserved a chance.

Who cares what the gender of the president is? What matters is that he or she has a plan to make America better. Trump had a plan which will benefit Americans and Hillary did not– it is that simple.

Now, with the help of big money donors, these morons are trying to block bridges and shut down Trump’s inauguration. This is just shameful and the worst reaction to losing I have ever seen. It is tough to unite a country when only one side is willing to play.

Conservatives need to stay vigilant as these emotionally unstable millennials overreact to Trump’s presidency. If they are this unstable before he has taken the oath of office, imagine what they will do on Friday when he gets to work!

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Originally appeared at  Angrypatriotmovement


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