Elizabeth Warren Issues SHOCKING Response to Madonna’s Trump Assassination Threat

12 месяцев ago
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Madonna made an appearance at the Women’s March and issued a threat on the White House. Liberal outrage is conspicuously absent.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has refused to come forward and condemn the pop singer’s threat on the life of the president, via Breitbart.

The thousands of fans and feminists who littered the crowd at the Woman’s March heard Madonna say, “Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Breitbart asked Senator Warren for a comment, but her office did not reply to the publication.

Senator Warren has not even condemned Madonna’s words on her social media accounts or her official government website. This kind of threat needs to be taken seriously by our elected officials. They would expect the same if a threat were issued on their lives, but Warren is ignoring it, likely because a fellow liberal did it. Her silence is encouragement for further threats and violence.

Thankfully, the Secret Service is not taking this threat so lightly. According to reports, they will be launching an investigation into Madonna. Ultimately, the attorney general will decide if she should be prosecuted or not. I hope Jeff Sessions (when he is finally approved) chooses to charge her.

I’m sure such a charge being laid against Madonna would make the liberals upset, but it would also serve as a warning for them. Threats against the president and all others who work in the White House simply can’t be tolerated. Other celebrities will hopefully learn from such a charge too — you cannot be above the law in Trump’s America, no matter how rich, famous, or powerful you are!

Madonna has, of course, taken back her statement of violence against the White House on her social media, saying that she’s not a “violent person.” Non-violent people don’t go around threatening to blow things up though.

She claims her statement was taken out of context and is merely encouraging women not to despair about the inauguration and so on, but threatening the executive mansion can’t really be taken out of context. If you say it, you say it. That’s it.

There’s always a grain of truth in everything people say, and some part of Madonna wishes she could blow up the White House. The threat may have been seen as a “metaphor” to her, but it is not seen that way by many Americans and the Secret Service. It might also be taken very literally by a mentally unstable fan or two.

Too many people have threatened Donald Trump’s life, and it is a testament to the skill of the Secret Service that there was no attempt during the inauguration. Many of us sighed in relief. You can’t preach love and then vow violence — it doesn’t work that way.

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