Donald Trump’s Christmas Announcement Will Give HOPE To People Who LOVE America

1 год ago
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President-Elect Trump is giving us all a fabulous gift this Christmas. It’s better than anything on your list.

Don’t look under your tree, for it won’t be found there. Look to the north, south, east and west. He’s giving us the gift of national borders. “We know how to fight for other countries so they can have a border, but we don’t fight for our own borders.” Trump posted on Facebook.

“The time is approaching to do so.” he added. Yes, sir. There he goes, making America great again.

Some are still wondering if Trump is really going to build the wall along the southern border. Based on all the other promises he has kept so far, I think the answer is 100 percent yes. And not a moment too soon.

After all, plan to make us great has to start with defining our territory and securing our borders. “Without borders, you have no country.” he said repeatedly on the campaign trail.

Well, the campaign trail is long gone and the real work is about to get started. To you young people, this country was previously great, don’t believe the lies thrown at you during your education!

What made us great and what still makes us great again is our independence, which is the very thing President Obama has been trying to abolish. In his mind, all nations are equal and thus we should submit to ideas that come from the outside. He loves the idea of us coming under the control of the United Nations and losing our sovereignty.

How does that make any sense? Do We the People care what the delegates from Iran or the Congo, Malaysia or Venezuela think is best for us? No. We don’t. The world needs America to flourish. As we go, so goes the Earth.

While Trump is trying to secure the border, Obama is in a race against time to get as many illegals in as possible. And the illegals know it, too. They know their window of opportunity is closing, so they are virtually stampeding over the border. January 20 is coming fast. The number of expected changes is too high to count.

There is so much to celebrate this Christmas. Nothing could make me more joyful than the promise of secure borders. Thank you, Mr. President-Elect. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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Originally appeared at Angrypatriotmovement


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