Donald Trump: Rules ‘stacked against me’ – Trump Family Town Hall on CNN

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His remarks generated a rough result from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who tweeted: “Nomination procedure understood to get a year beyond. It is the obligation of the efforts to comprehend it. Grievances now?
The feud between Trump and competition Ted Cruz engulfed the RNC Tuesday night, following the GOP presidential frontrunner at CNN’s town hall smashed “unjust” results in Colorado. Cruz at a party convention this weekend swept there in the delegate hunt him. Cruz is trying to carry delegates although the same consequence came forth from Louisiana, where he won the primary.

Those developments, Trump said, were the result of organization Republicans working against his effort.
“They changed the rules several months past,” Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.
Trump touts incorrect evangelical leader as patron
“No, I do not believe so,” Trump said, replying to a question from Cooper on whether he considers the RNC doesn’t need him to get the GOP nomination.
Without mentioning Trump Priebus’ tweet Tuesday night sent a message that was clear about how exactly he felt regarding the frontrunner’s criticisms.
It also additionally escalates an on-going feud involving the GOP frontrunner and Priebus. In a interview with all The Hill earlier in the day, Trump known as the GOP’s nominating procedure a “scam.”
“Itis a shame for the party. “He ought to be ashamed of himself because he understands what is happening.”
Softer side
Trump kids unable to vote for father in NY primary
Ivanka Trump called politics “a brutal business,” and said she and her siblings are dedicated to supporting their dad.
“We understand what he could bring to the nation so we are only pleased to support him,” she said.
When Trump announced his effort, she added, “All of us understood, you know, here we go.”
She also said the quality she admires in her dad is his work ethic.
Behaving ‘presidential’
Trump’s family members said they’ve in private begged with Trump occasionally to tone down his rhetoric and seem more “presidential” in the public limelight.
Requested by an audience member whether he talks to his family in precisely the same way he talks to his GOP opponents in the presidential debates, Trump joked: “I believe I am much nicer to them.”
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The businessman said his family is continually requesting him to be “finer” at the arguments — a bit of guidance which he said he’s had trouble following.
Trump ramp against the machine
“His effort ethic is genuinely inspirational. Whenever I am at school analyzing these long hours …
Eric Trump said his dad was possibly his “best friend in the planet.”
“He is been the biggest dad on the planet. He is an incredible deal maker,” he said.
Trump’s treatment of girls
“Itis a testament to the truth that he believes in inspiring girls, in empowering girls,” she said.
Survey amounts:
She added that her dad instilled in her the belief that she’s “the possibility to realize just what her brothers could.”
Tiffany said her dad has “only had faith in me.”
“He needs us to do the greatest, and he’s the utmost faith that people are able to achieve whatever place our thoughts to only together with guys, if not better,” she said.
Melania Trump added that her husband handles women as well as men .
Melania Trump: I do not always agree with Donald, and that is OK
“He treats everyone equally, so in case you are a female plus they assault him, he’ll assault back no matter who they’re,” she said. “We are individual. He motivates everybody, you are a guy or a girl.”
“They are constantly saying be finer on the discussions,” Trump said. “They are coming at me from all these various angles — how can I be fine? I can not do that.”
Ivanka Trump said by seeing her dad run, she has been instructed how hard it’s for politicians to prevent getting into conflicts. She says she also recognizes his instincts to hit hard, though she’s asked her dad to hold back occasionally.
They are jumping on him, striking him from the left, striking him from the right,” she said. “I do not believe you can be specially laid back and make it through this expertise.”
His family and Trump also discussed the nominee’s prolific utilization of the latest social media — especially Twitter. Trump was criticized for retweeting or tweeting things that were inflammatory.

“It kind of makes him the man he’s,” Eric Trump said, calling his dad “bona fide.” “I believe that is really what makes him the great nominee he is.”
Trump said he considers Twitter is a “strong” newsgroup, even as he admitted that a number of his retweets have gotten him in trouble.
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“There’s some expert there,” he said. “You need to obtain the proper professional. It’s a strong thing.”
As president, he added, he’d use Twitter “really little.”
Melania, his wife, said she is discovered that it’s useless to try and pull him back on social websites.
“I say, OK, do what you may would like,” she said. “He is an adult. He understands the results.”
The town hall comes next Tuesday, forward of New York’s Republican primary.

Tuesday’s event with all the Trump kin is the second of three straight family town halls this week, CNN is hosting.
On Monday the stage was taken by Kasich together with Reese, Karen, and two daughters, Emma and his own wife. The family discussed everything from the daughters deal to Kasich’s unique customs, with political assaults on their dad to how a possible disputed tradition is believed by the governor would play out.
Wednesday’s CNN town hall will feature his own wife, Heidi and Cruz


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