Donald Trump Posts Hopeful New Year Message For EVERY Patriotic American to See

1 год ago
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The new year did not go by unnoticed by President-elect Donald Trump.

He sent out a celebratory tweet that hit all the right notes. 

Trump’s new year message was sent out to ALL Americans, and included the Make America Great Again slogan as a kind of new year’s resolution.

Our President-elect continues to stick to his goals as his inauguration date draws closer. But with this tweet he encourages us all to step in and help him restore our country.

Patriots have already heard this call in huge numbers. Buy American and hire American is only the latest slogan that describes how each of us can get involved.

Maybe this hopeful new years message will even reach some of our unconvinced Americans, most of whom are big-city Liberals.

Let me take a moment to address you, Americans who are unconvinced Trump was the right choice, I know he wasn’t the president you wanted. But now, he is the president we have. We can make 2017 a remarkable year, where Americans who have had their disagreements pull together for the best interests of our country.

In order to make America great again, we will need each and every American. President-elect Trump knows this and that is why he is continuing to invite you to get involved in moving this country forward.

My new years resolution is to stand by every American, especially those I disagree with, and keep asking them to join our movement and pitch in. This year is going to go down as one of the mot important in America’s history, I can feel it! Don’t let anyone spend it in sadness! We have so much to hope for!

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