Donald Trump or World War

1 год ago
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent two diametrically opposite approaches. Hillary means of spreading democracy policies, war, “humanitarian interventions”, American hegemony, globalism, and struggle with Russia. It’s no coincidence that the neoconservatives whose primary aim is the destruction of Russia as an important Eurasian power zealously support her.

Trump transferring the priority focus to national issues and represents a rejection of American expansionism. A refusal of globalization characterizes him as the interests of average Americans, not transnational corporations in favor of national interests.

Trump embodies the understanding of America, realism as a power that is great, but not as the only post of power on the planet. This, naturally, means pragmatism in relationships with other nations and co-operation with Russia. The US’ former Cold War foe is too significant of a variable not to reckon with.

His negative remarks about Muslims and Trump’s military rhetoric against Iran shouldn’t mislead onlookers. Trump was an ardent opponent of the Iraqi campaign and he can not unleash a military clash with Iran, but rather a just cooling of relationships which would boost the profile of conservative forces inside Iran who urge a close alliance.

Cooling relationships wouldn’t lead into a major battle. Unlike his adversaries, Trump isn’t oriented towards war. At once, Moscow would be pulled by Trump out of Beijing’s tenacious embrace.

Trump is prepared to give more sovereignty to Korea and Japan, which would allow for more active co-operation between these states and between Russia and them. Consequently, equilibrium or a fresh balance of power could come in the Pacific area.

It’s US hostility which is now driving against Russia into an alliance with China, thus improving the PRC. Attempting to counteract this union by strengthening US presence would simply cause an increase in prices and additional combined Russian-Chinese alliance. A sovereign Japan would entail a diversification in Russian geopolitical strategy by redirecting resources, critical focus, and support from China towards this state. At once, the state of the rising sun could stay an honest friend of the US.

The transport of all of Ukraine to Russia’s management doesn’t endanger America as a national power. NATO nations like Hungary, Poland and Romania could reach territorial gains by maintaining their former territories controlled by Ukraine now. American citizens’ cash wouldn’t normally visit fighting with a Russian menace that is legendary, but towards significant aims due to their state.

The interests of average Americans is not going to be changed.

The Obama administration is unnaturally exacerbating conflict with Russia that no one will have the ability to alter the foreign policy line to prevent these changes. Controlled public opinion and a faction of Republicans and Democrats in Congress commanded by the globalists would allow it to be impossible to restart any actual relationship between Russia and the US in the instance of of Trump success. The new president will be compelled to continue the preceding policy.

So, while not much time is left exacerbate old disaster tendencies, or at the very least Obama is running to begin a fresh war. Really, the US’ raising the building of missile defense systems, deals with previously unbiased Finland and Sweden on military co-operation, and military presence in Europe in Romania and Poland with launchers effective at adapting medium-range missiles are elements of the strategy.

The fact that the US Congress is currently discussing the so called action of support for Ukraine (STAND for Ukraine Act) shows the way the Trump variable has been taken seriously. Actually, the point of this is preventing a future president from shifting US-Russian relationships.

In this strategy, the US’ national interests, which need policy changes in specific situations, are given for theoretical principles which are in fact the interests of another lobby or state groups. Democracy and Ukraine are so unimportant for the initiators of the bill. Considerably more significant is the aim of quitting Trump.

We’re dealing with groups of the globalist fiscal oligarchy using America as something for his or her domination. They tend not to need to lose this, as their interests computed in a rough manner determine world politics. Thus why when American interests that are genuine will not be really represented within their initiatives, the American institution that is present prefers to speak of the “shield of democratic worth.”

The fact the present US government’s activities will not be always logical, with examples being the unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey, the failure in the Arab Spring strategy and Syria, suggests a weakening of their hegemonic hold and an increase in the threat of actual crash. At some stage, these folks could allow the situation get out of control and escalate into a nuclear war that is real.



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