Donald Trump met on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

1 год ago
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Trump: US Will Acknowledge Jerusalem As Israel’s ‘Undivided’ Capital

Trump affirmed that the entire City of Jerusalem should become Israel’s capital.

During the assembly in Ny, Trump vowed to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided capital that was ” elected president.

Netanyahu met in private at his home in Trump Tower with Trump before the Nyc billionaire faces off against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for their first presidential debate.

The United States — and many other UN member states — tend not to acknowledge the annexation and contemplate Jerusalem’s closing standing to be a vital problem to be resolved with the Palestinians in peace negotiations.
The US Congress passed a law in October 1995 calling to authorize funds for moving the US embassy and to be acknowledged as Israel’s capital.

But no US president — Republican or Democrat — has applied the law, regarding it as an infringement on the executive branch’s power over foreign policy
Netanyahu’s office issued a statement about the nearly hour long assembly but made no reference of Trump’s assurance on Jerusalem.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed with Mr Trump problems relating to Israel’s protection and its attempts to attain peace and stability .

The Trump statement said he assured Netanyahu that America would supply “amazing technological, tactical and military co-operation” to Israel if he’s elected.

“Mr Trump understood Israel in the international war against radical Islamic terrorism as an essential partner of America .

“They discussed at length the nuclear deal with Iran, the conflict against many other regional protection problems and ISIS.”



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