Donald Trump expressed doubts over the Iraq war 2003. Despite mainstream media claims.

1 год ago
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The mainstream media has  repeatedly asserted the invasion was completely supported by Trump, although there’s infighting among leftists over the details.

“If you look at the polls, I think a lot of people are getting a little tired… I think the Iraqi situation is a problem, but the economy is a much bigger problem,” said Trump.

Politifact maintained, without linking to it although clearly referring to the Fox News interview or saying where the interview happened.

“Less than three months before the invasion, Trump said the president should be more focused on the economy, but he didn’t specifically speak against launching an attack,”

Nevertheless, Trump’s statement because he shouldn’t be carrying it out though” “maybe does express uncertainty over starting an assault on Iraq. That’s probably the interview was paraphrased by Politifact vaguely; it contradicts its claim.
Why is the media focused on Trump?

Simple: they’re biased against him.

That doesn’t just seem like he was totally in support of the war, now does it?
Interestingly, a leftist website much like Politifact, Snopes and Politifact’s evaluation of the Grim interview, disagree.

“If that remark wasn’t exactly a wholehearted endorsement of the notion of invading Iraq, it clearly wasn’t an expression of opposition to the idea either,”

Snopes said.
To put it differently, Snopes accidentally downplayed the significance Politifact put on the Grim interview.
Snopes, nevertheless, maintained the 2003 interview shown despite emphasizing Trump’s statement that “maybe we should be waiting for a diplomatic answer for the United Nations” Trump expressed “neither support nor resistance” to the invasion.
Snopes acknowledged that Trump was against the war in a Aug. 2004 interview with Esquire Magazine, but maintained that “by then, this wasn’t a particularly contentious stand to take,” which is patently untrue given that Cindy Sheehan’s contentious anti-war demonstration outside Bush’s ranch didn’t happen until 2005.

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