Democrats incite racial war to stop Trump

1 год ago
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Among the methods used – the most primitive and dirty provocation
In the US city of Greenville (Mississippi) “unknown” set fire to the Methodist church for black writing on the wall “Vote for Trump.” Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that refused to cover the newly discovered crime candidate for US president from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, launched an investigation into an act of vandalism. This was announced by Eric Simmons – mayor of Greenville, 78 percent of whom are negros.


FBI task to harassment which joined US President Barack Obama, is now spending all of your time to save the Clinton election campaign is extremely simple. To understand the direction in which to conduct the search for “vandals”, should ask only one question: who benefits? The answer is obvious. Those who want to customize the blacks, who are already historically more supportive of Democrats than Republicans, against Trump. But the goal, as it often happens, justifies the means. But it can be said, the motto of the ex-Secretary of State, this is how she and her entourage and act in life.

The investigation makes it easier is that Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant – a Republican and, of course, a supporter of Trump. He has assured the public that the instigators of the church and the authors of the provocative inscription, “will soon be found and respond with justice” for their actions.


The official representative of the FBI in Mississippi, Brett Carr said that his department “is working closely with the authorities at the city, state and country,” although he admitted that this case will not be easy.
To help the investigation, a reward of 11 thousand dollars for help in tracking down the author of the inscription “Vote for Trump.” And, as the chief of the city police department Delano Wilson, although no specific suspects at the moment, certain strings in the investigation already.

Why Trump sling mud?

While in Mississippi are investigating, campaign headquarters Donald Trump have to expose this crime prior provocation, arranged with the same goals – further customize blacks against the Republican candidate for the White House. He has to deny and disown publication supported by the Ku Klux Clan Crusader newspaper, which seems to be good at it to work.

“Trump and his campaign condemn any manifestation of hatred This publication is disgusting, do not express the views of the views of tens of millions of Americans who have joined together to support our campaign.”, – Said the billionaire assistant US weekly Time.

And this is far from the first time: the American public are trying to instill the idea that Trump and his supporters – low, unworthy people, America is a shame that it is necessary to get round: sophistication, intelligence, humanity and Trump – this is inconsistent. Be careful, if you suspect someone that you support it.
Well, to give the impression that it is supposedly so employed person Democrats regularly staged violent brawl at campaign rallies Trump: beat political activists, police, bleeding. To have an impression: but what else can you expect from the loons, Trump supporters that revealed this way their relations? But soon, if not stop Trump, these people will already be a threat for the whole country.
However, not all so simple. In his famous Gettysburg Address billionaire he said that, as the American authorities have established, the money for these antics paid thugs Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign headquarters. And he is confident that “due to the fraudulent system (in the country – approx Constantinople.), Is likely to them nothing for it will not be.”
These above-mentioned structures are, in his words, and the appearance of many women who, through the media regularly accuse Trump “sexual harassment” and “sexism”. He has no doubt that they are well paid for it: “We’ll find out later in court is waiting for this.!”

Lies materialized in action

It is characteristic that these stories, mostly, of course, made-up, lead to the fact that lying is squared, and its object is already sending real black mark. Recently, the attacker, who identified himself as the first hit it, shattered personal pick Trump name of the star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles (California). As reported by the US media, “political” vandal explained his trick desire to break the brass plate with the name and surname of the billionaire in the center of the star, to sell it at auction and give the proceeds to women, which allegedly offended Trump.


But for those who is not impressive, invent stories that Trump does not pay taxes (if it tried, it would have been a political corpse, this little family of the Clintons in this respect everything is getting away with) that is associated with the Russian government and even a “coordinated” with him on the campaign trail, his mysterious people exchange messages with the Russian Alfa-Bank, and the like.

Undoubtedly, we are talking not only about a dirty campaign to discredit the billionaire, but also attempts to divert attention from the many uncomfortable questions that would not hurt to ask itself Clinton. For example, she does not know how to keep state secrets and is a boon for spyware, it has in its immediate environment is extremely suspicious persons involved is presumed terrorists in the Middle East, through the Clinton Foundation receives money from foreign donors …


In this sense, particularly injurious to Trump is the very last days: all that he blamed on the eve of the vote, to deny he had no time. This is true, of course, and for Clinton. The difference between them is only in the fact that it, as we see, is accused in the case.

Double standards

In what position they are unequal, however, are located.
“Reports that the FBI is investigating the activities of the Clinton Foundation, shows the true scale of the corrupt Clinton machine,” – he said in this regard, adviser to Republican Jason Miller. He expressed regret at the same time that the Ministry of Justice “are not permitted to open an investigation until the completion of the elections.” Miller stressed that the excitement for the week against the former Secretary of State of two investigations – on the new “e-mail scandal” and the Foundation – enough for her “full suspension” from further participation in the election campaign.

Instead, Obama attacks the FBI director James Komi, because he let the late, but still interested in Clinton’s activities. Moreover, the outgoing president traveled to campaign for her to Florida, one of the United States in key states in the election – in hopes of securing his former employee voice black voters.


Why is it necessary Trump?

Trump said it well about all this in his Gettysburg Address: “. The purpose of this scam is to corrupt establishment and its associated business retained power – for the sake of their own interests and to the detriment of you, to the detriment of all Americans As for my interests, they are all connected with you, with American voters. Believe me, I did not want to climb into it all. it is a difficult thing, but I could not do otherwise. I love this country, I love its people, and I had to do that. “


Originally appeared at: Tsargrad

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