‘Creepy’ Tim Kaine Ad Just Released, Trump Fans Are Spreading It Like WILDFIRE!

1 год ago
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No one knew much about him, so that they just presumed he was not less on the side that was benign as politicians go. This couldn’t be further in the truth.

A brand new video emphasizes only the type of man Tim Kaine is. Kaine asked if we should understand the man America to look into someone’s fires. Well, considering the fires of Tim Kaine, we find that he urge for some of the coldhearted and most brutal offenders the black underworld offers.

It seems that at every turn the American people must seek out the true internal dispositions of progressives. Each of them – to Barack Obama from Hillary Clinton, Al Gore to Tim Kaine – has a black side for their personas that champions the selfish or the evil.

In Tim Kaine’s case, his persona that is secret has an affinity for rapists and killers.

“When you need to understand something about the character of someone ” Kaine said, “look to see if they’ve a fire that started before they were in office and that it has been held by them throughout their career.”

Kaine did have a fire before he was a professional politician. He defended callous homicides, attempting to control the judicial system on controlled and specialized reasons to ensure his customers that were despicable might go free.

Len Tuggle sodomized, raped, and killed Jessie Geneva Havens after being paroled for killing a 17-year old girl. Richard Lee Whittley killed his aged neighbor and sexually attacked.

Three individuals were viciously killed by Percy Walton. His girlfriend, a German national, and Jens Soering slaughtered a young couple without compunction.

Kaine attempted to have Soering extradited to prevent his life sentence. In only two short years, he’d have already been eligible for parole in Germany.

As Framer and Creator John Adams said every man in the American justice system deserves a qualified defense. For this reason – was defended by Adams and won acquittal for – the British soldiers.

Is this the sort of man we need a place, as vice president only one heartbeat from the presidency? Is this the sort of man we need vetting and making attorney generals, judicial nominees, as well as Supreme Court nominees?

Adams also said we’re a “state of laws, not of men,” meaning the law is applied to all. It’d seem Kaine likes to usurp.

That’s the love of Tim Kaine.

Source: Angrypatriot


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