Congress Makes MAJOR Corrupt Move, But Trump Stopped Them Cold

1 год ago
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Donald Trump has once again nipped something brought up by our corrupt government in the bud, showing he truly has our best interests at heart.

Congress announced they were going to weaken the Independent Ethics Boards by putting it under lawmakers’ control, but Trump stepped in and stopped them from gutting the ethics board, as per Politico.

Republicans against Donald Trump tried to put restraints on the ethics office that investigates lawmakers who are doing what they’re not supposed to be doing.

This ethics office was started in 2008 because the House Ethics Committee was failing to police the members of Congress, and Donald Trump is going to help keep it in place against those who would see it weakened.

Trump took to Twitter and stated that Congress should be focusing on American healthcare, tax reform, and so on, but no, instead they were focused on something that would be bad for this country.

Now, they have reversed the proposal and are not gutting their watchdog ethics organization, which they should never have tried to do in the first place. This is another example of corrupt government trying to win over Trump, but they were once again unsuccessful.

“We shot ourselves in the foot,” said Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID), who said this attack on the ethics organization was nothing short of a self-inflicted wound. “Sometimes, people have to learn the hard way.”

This response by Donald Trump is showing that he is ready to meet opposition from both Republicans and Democrats regardless of which side of an issue they are on. If they’re in the wrong, then he will address it and fix it for the good of the people.

Despite the upset, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader, stated that the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) will “continue to operate independently” and will look into Congress members “thoroughly and independently.”

“I want to make clear that this House will hold its members to the highest ethical standards, and the Office will continue to operate independently to provide public accountability to Congress,” Ryan stated. “All members of Congress are required to earn the public’s trust every single day, and this House will hold members accountable to the people.”

This urging by the Republicans has done nothing to improve rapport with the Democrats, who saw this move as irresponsible, as if Republicans want to get rid of ethics. It truly is a blunder of the Republicans, but luckily Donald Trump stepped in and made things right again.

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