Clinton’s positions considerably weaker than that of Barack Obama four days before the election – FiveThirtyEight

1 год ago
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US President Barack Obama has decided to entice electors in Florida campaigning for the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, Florida still remains a state that voted for Republican Donald Trump.

One of the last days, intended for propaganda, US President Barack Obama held in Florida. There he admitted that the current election campaign is associated by Americans, especially with the “negative, noise, distractions, rumors and false statements.” Moreover, Obama acknowledges that all this is, above all, has been associated with the name of Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, it was for her call to vote is one of the weakest US presidents at the twilight of his career.

Obama knowingly acts in Florida. This state at one time brought him victory in the elections. But now supports the Florida Republican Donald Trump, said FiveThirtyEight. Clinton’s positions are much weaker than those of Obama four days before the election.
“Two days, Florida, two days to decide the future of this country and I need your help to continue what we started eight years ago.” – Barack Obama said in his “propaganda material”.
So far, the current US President Clinton in campaigning for the use of its already voiced slogans. Obama Remembers “on the consequences of two wars,” as well as the global economic crisis and depression, which appeared after his victory in the past. At the same time, the president prefers not to talk about a new round of economic crisis that occurred in the years of its operation, as well as the recent military campaigns and crimes against the legitimate authorities in the countries of the world.

“And I know that throughout this campaign has been so much negative, noise, distractions, rumors, false allegations and at some point you feel that you want to switch to this wave.” – Recognizes Barack Obama, and then asks all also take part in the elections and to cast a vote.

Add, according to FiveThirtyEight, is now a Republican Donald Trump is ahead of Clinton even where traditionally remained an outsider. Among the strategically important states where Trump ahead were North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Iowa. It is also noted that Clinton would almost certainly lose one or more states that have won in the past Obama.


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