CIA Agents Issue Major Threat to Trump, They Went TOO FAR

1 год ago
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Silly Liberals, issuing a threat against someone who has more power than you is never a good idea.

The CIA is threatening mass resignations after Donald Trump takes office. Former CIA acting director Michael Morell said Trump’s “rhetoric” will cause a “wave of resignations” that will impact the agency’s ability to work with intelligence services around the world, the Hill reports.

“First, expect a wave of resignations. Attrition at the C.I.A., which has been remarkably low since Sept. 11, 2001, will skyrocket,” Morell wrote in a New York Times opinion column. “The primary motivator for some of our smartest minds to go to work at the C.I.A. is to make a difference to national security, to play a role in keeping the country safe.”

The President-elect is NOT going to America less safe, he is just going to put the right people in charge! Morell is correct about the mission of the CIA, at least.

If the staffers at the agency are so thin-skinned they cannot handle it when called to task for shoddy work, then we really need some new people in the agency anyway.

The mindset and demeanor of the Liberal agency leaders may have infected the ranks. That would be a shame, but a President Trump would have no problem finding highly skilled tech analysts in the private sector and bring in new recruits from within the government who have long been passed over because their views on world affairs were too Conservative and common sense imposed for the Barack Obama administration.

“All of the sacrifices — from the long hours, polygraph tests, unfair media criticism, not to mention the real dangers to life and limb — are worth it, if you are making a difference,” Morell continued. Unfair media criticism? The mainstream media has been carrying the water for the Obama administration for eight years – including the findings of the lackluster Russian hackers investigation.

Perhaps leaking the top secret report on the DNC hacking to NBC BEFORE it was given to Donald Trump has not endeared CIA brass to the President-elect. Morell went on to dub Trump’s comments about the Russian hacking investigation an “unprecedented political challenge for our national security establishment” and “a danger to the nation.”

Being questioned about the thoroughness of findings in an intelligence report is due diligence on the president-elect’s part. When neither the FBI nor the CIA even looked at the hacked laptops or the DNC server before deciding Russia did it, there is ample room for an authenticity and accuracy challenge from an incoming president.

The CIA is not supposed to be a politicized agency. But over the course of the past eight years it, like the Pentagon, has becoming increasingly partisan.

“His [Trump] disparagement of American intelligence officers over the last few months is likely to cause significant damage to the CIA,” Morell added. “Why would a foreign intelligence service take the CIA seriously (and share important information with it) when the American president doesn’t?”

The correct question to be asking is WHY doesn’t the future president take the CIA seriously – the agency heads should be scurrying to fix their credibility problem and not making inane threats. Trump will leave no Washington, D.C. swamp left undrained.

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