Black Voter Goes NUCLEAR, Explains Why She’s Campaigning For TRUMP!!

1 год ago
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Minorities are changing sides because of this election.

This African American girl is one of the many who are expressing precisely they have been shifting their faithfulness and going since African Americans mostly vote Democrat with a Republican, which can be a tremendous change.

Are their vote altering? It’s because of the animosity made from Obama’s rule and Hillary Clinton’s flat. He’s brought nothing but ruin and more debt, although individuals anticipated the Democrat to make good on his promises.

He lied about Obamacare, which includes exponentially high speeds, and then for not having this terrible health care you happen to be penalized and fined up if you can’t pay these. Individuals can’t manage it— it easy as that. Nothing about it’s affordable.

He’s done nothing but make this nation worse, which left lots of Americans who truly believed in him and were the cause he was elected down. Now, Hillary Clinton is being forced by him like a bitter poison down the throats of Americans.

Obama said she’d not be a great leader with this nation when Hillary ran against him. That was really said by him. Now that his period is ending, he could be the one. He’s even attempted to make black Americans vote for her if they don’t by saying, he can be “disappointed” in them.

While Hillary loves to maintain she’s all about minorities, that is false. She supported heinous bill that destroyed black communities is ’sed by her husband, and you will find multiple witness reports of her having nothing but contempt for Hispanics and African Americans.

Hillary is just — rather than focusing on the American people, which, incidentally, is the president’s OCCUPATION she needs to bring in lots of refugees and illegals. Or did she believe she was applying for something different?

Hillary doesn’t care about minorities or women. She only cares about being in power and earning profits. Yeah career politicians will not be loaded.


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