‘Bikers For Trump’ Hold MASSIVE Rally For Trump, This is AMAZING

1 год ago
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Patriotic bike enthusiasts from across the nation are doing their part to set a non-career politician and an actual patriot.
A recent Bikers for Trump rally attracted on countless people ready to offer support and their help. That, my fellow patriots, is an endorsement that really means something.

Veterans consistently show up to vote, and “The anchor of the bikers groups is the veteran, among the Bikers for Trump speakers said at the rally that was enthusiastic. Veterans aren’t going to forget Hillary Clinton’s choice to leave behind Americans and then assert not a single life was lost.

Bikers are an unaffiliated lot by nature. They, like all great patriots, understand we’re at a tipping point in America.

For much a long time, this great country has been commanded by a federal government that is permitted to overstep authority and its power over our lives. The career politicians have forgotten the folks elect them to serve us—not COMMAND us!

It’s quite funny to sit back on the sofa and listen to liberal pundits and their liberal “pros” discuss the unendorsement by Rob Portman will cost the presidency and finally Trump Ohio. The journalists seemingly believe they will have the beat of Ohioans.

“Rob Portman is very popular ” over the liberals are fond of saying. He’s? Portman would need the assistance of a GPS to locate his way he represents.

Middle class, working class, and unionized workers generally vote a straight Democrat ticket.

Tremendous parts of those DNC voting blocks understand their party has been taken over by liberals and that Hillary Clinton is a vile human being who cannot be trusted, and they would like to ensure security and the support of the families. America is not only protected by voting for Trump, but it sends a definitive message the age of the career politician is finished, and the folks are taking this nation back!


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