Belgium Politician Issues Warning About Hillary Clinton (Video)

1 год ago
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President of the Belgium People Party, Mischaël Modrikamen, recently released a strong warning to Americans, and his second video sanction of Trump . He said Clinton “is the type of politician we’ve here in Western Europe – poor, globalist, obsessed by multiculturalism, despising common folks, but deflecting to corporate interest and elites.”

Modrikamen released his first video sanction with a warning for Americans not to let their state become another Brussels, for Trump. He said it was a vibrant, entrepreneurial, peaceful city, but due to the migration that was Muslim, it is now a third-world city.

Modrikamen is begging Americans to elect Trump. He refers to the calamities his own nation is facing, saying, “Our present leaders neglected, and nominee Clinton is only like among them.”


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