As the period of Obama wanes, so does focus on Israeli-Palestinian problem

1 год ago
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In probably his last U.N. address, on Tuesday, he spoke little about the battle beyond expressing the unsurprising opinion that issues would improve if Israel let go of Palestinian land and if the Palestinians rejected incitement and adopted Israel’s legality.

“He hasn’t made an impact with this matter, at all, and he needs to,” said Elliott Abrams, a Middle East advisor to former President George W. Bush, a Republican. “So I believe the question he is asking is actually a heritage question, as opposed to asking a sensible question of what’ll actually help the parties.”

When he meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in The Big Apple on Wednesday Obama will raise anxieties, the White House deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes said.

Rhodes said Obama had no plans to pursue a fresh Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative before leaving office, though unspecified measures could be taken by him.

“They’re waiting to see what they’re able to get the manager to do after the election pressure is finished,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They’ve been toying with the idea for months.”

The U.S. presidential election matches Democrat Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former secretary of state and his pick for the top occupation, against Republican businessman Donald Trump. Several analysts consider Obama will consult with Clinton if she wins.

The lsd political climate between Palestinians and Israelis makes progress improbable. Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have no plans to meet this week at the yearly U.N. assembly of world leaders.

Palestinians say any prospect is blurring for the feasible state they seek, with a capital.

Israel has demanded a crack down on militants responsible for a chain of shootings and stabbings and tighter security measures from your Palestinians in recent months against Israelis. In addition, it says Jerusalem is Israel’s indivisible capital.


In his eighth address before the U.N. General Assembly, Obama gave little time to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

“Certainly, Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and understand the legality of Israel, but Israel understands that it cannot forever reside in and settle Palestinian land,” Obama said in his only direct reference to the battle during the 48-minute address.

The dearth of improvement has frustrated Western and Arab officials, some of whom weren’t bashful about expressing their dismay.

“With this problem, you hear everything and nothing in the Americans.

Consequently, just sketching the contours of a deal out would do little to alter the political facts on the earth.

“What the Usa believes has never been the missing link,” he said. “The poor connection has frequently been an issue of execution. The White House hasn’t been really good at getting people to see things their way and behave appropriately.”

Source: Reuters


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