A Putin-Trump Bromance Billboard in Sunny Montenegro

1 год ago
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RI’s Montengerin correspondent sent this in, and tells us that this is the attitude of the majority of people living there.  We left his English imperfect, for authenticity.  He writes:

“Hopefully there is a way of stopping Montenegro joining NATO since there are only left with few parliament ratifications of NATO member states. It should be done by spring, so I am interested how will Trump react to the fact that they litteraly have 2K soldiers, no tanks, no airplanes, few boats, not even one ship (even though they are Mediterian country) etc. How this enhance NATO security and doesn’t make it liability when you have NATO member that doesn’t even have army? I mean even Baltic states have something…
Of course, this is the goal of the globalists and neocons. To have a country not able to defend itself so you can allways put your puppets in power if and when needed…
the only reason Montenegro is joining NATO is to block Serbia access to sea and to block Russia for getting naval base. There was no referendum because majority of population oppose joining NATO Also it is just matter of time before this dicator falls and Montenegro is litteraly on the verge of civil war so basically you are admiting to NATO country that is pro-Russian and when the dictator falls you will have a trojan horse within NATO so good luck with that”

Looks like most Montenegrins are a lot smarter than their effeminate northern neighbors (that would be you Germany) who have bought the neocon worldview.

Originally appeared at: RI


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