A Marine’s Open Letter To Hillary And Obama About NJ Bombings Will AWAKEN America UPWARD And The NYC

1 год ago
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In the aftermath of the bombs discovered in the Chelsea area of Nyc, Seaside Heights, and Elizabeth, NJ, we’ve received a letter from a Marine, understood exclusively as “J”, that needed his voice heard, amidst the ocean of political junk on the mainstream media. Here it’s, unedited.

Dear Obama, Hillary, and liberals frightened of the “T” word,

I’ve served my whole adult life and I adore this state, because a guy is judged in life by his activities, not his words, but that’s not significant.

You handled them like kids that couldn’t be trusted with their own security, when you had been given the job of protecting America, as opposed to giving individuals the tools to do it themselves. You assured them that you had everything under control and stripped away their independence. You let un-checked, America-loathing while they plotted to ruin the nation from within refugees that vowed allegiance to ISIS and other revolutionary regimes and political orientations to walk freely.

You’re not equipped to manage this.

You’ve constructed your whole schedule on the bogus belief that fundamentalist Muslims don’t can’t hurt us because they’re on another side of the world, or exist. Well, take a wild guess what occurs when you import them to our coasts and let them know that anyone criticizing Islam should be shunned, however funny they act.

I ‘ll if you’re too frightened to say it: These bombings were a textbook definition of terrorism.

Those that desire to actually terrorize our lifestyle enacted these strikes. They need – above all else – to command us, and despise our liberties, much in the way in which you want to control language, our actions, and political motivations.

But America is not worse than that. We’re not kids that must be directed by the hand into a den of wolves. We constructed on the notion that we don’t take risks kindly, and ’re the state of abundance, strength. We’ve got a God-fearing, and the most advanced military on the planet populace that, to wicked guys, won’t kneel unlike your liberal buddies.

We’re the real America that you attempting to quiet, that gets things done by working together and ensuring that anyone coming directly into the state have a darn good basis for carrying it out. We support the authorities, that place their lives on the line when disarming a bomb, despite your best attempts to call them all beasts that are racist. We’re the ones going to work to keep the state running while go on social media and whine about life isn’t not unfair.

We’re the folks you come to when shit hits the fan running, and we are going to stand longer while fill unnecessary addresses and you make an effort to ruin this nation and lies to the America public.

The option is yours. Only don’t say I did you are warned by n’t.

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